The Gilded Wolves

By Roshani Chokshi

2.5 Stars ⭐️🐺

First of all: I LOVE this cover!
I think we’ve all heard of this book by now, but for those who have not this is basically a heist type book with a bunch of main characters on a mission to find a magical artifact. We get four different prospectives; Severin the leader of this band of misfits is a very cunning, charismatic owner of the hotel L’Eden. Laila is a beautiful dancer with the ability to read objects she touches. Enrique is a funny historian who loves old artifacts and has a plethora of knowledge. Zofia is scientist and a Forger of fire (AKA magical) who isn’t very good with people, but great with numbers. They are on the search for magical artifacts that the elusive Order of Babel is safeguarding. With the help of friend Tristan who is a Forger of plants, and friend-ish Hypno who is actually a part of the order of babel (but is eccentric and lonely and just wants friends) they hope to succeed in their heist, but things hardly ever go exactly as planned..

I personally enjoyed this book in regards to plot and overall characters. I did have some issues with it though. I feel like there isn’t a lot of information given about our characters. Maybe four perspectives was a bit too much for this story. I don’t feel like I was given enough back story to fully invest in these characters. Each character gives a bit of info. but it seems to not be enough for me to feel as if I know them. You get enough of their personalities though, and that helps you to really enjoy them! The plot was great, especially if you love heist stories. The vivid descriptions and the way the characters figure out all the clues and keys is so much fun to read about! You feel like you’re apart of the team trying to figure out whats going to happen next, and you never really know whats going to happen next!


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