Review: My Great Ex-Scape

My Great Ex-Scape by Portia MacIntosh

Publisher: Boldwood Books
Publication Date: January 16th, 2020
Pages: 278
Date Read: February 24th, 2020
Rating: 3 Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️

This copy of My Great Ex-Scape was provided to me by the Publisher and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

What if your future was somewhere in your past?

Rosie Jones has been dumped by every boyfriend she’s ever had – most recently by Dinosaur Dave, live on TV, during the ‘phone-a-friend’ segment of a quiz show.
After the footage goes viral Rosie receives a bunch of flowers with a message:

I love you, I should have never let you go, I want you back x

But who sent them?

At a loose end and with £50,000 prize money in her back pocket, Rosie decides to take a trip down memory lane, visiting each of her ex-boyfriends to see not just if they are the one who sent the flowers but if they are the one.

Her journey takes her back to the house she grew up in and on a transatlantic cruise to New York, but can Rosie figure out which ex-boyfriend is the love of her life, or should the past stay in the past? 

This book is cute, quirky, and overall enjoyable. But it didn’t really suck me in, and definitely had its flaws. I gave it a solid three stars because I didn’t dislike it, but I also didn’t really have strong feelings about it either. Let me explain.

This majority of this book is set in present day Manchester, England. Which I found very exciting since I have been learning a lot about England recently. I loved seeing the differences in dialogue, food, and everyday life, and this definitely gave me something to like about this book! I also enjoyed a lot of the character interactions. The MC’s parents play a big role in this story and I loved the note of humor they added to the book as well as the family aspect. She also has a gay best friend who is the absolute best person and wingman. He was my favorite character and I wish he was my best friend. Haha… but really.

The plot also reeled me in initially. The main character wins a game show and gets dumped on live TV. This basically sparks her to search for her ex-boyfriends to see if she should try and rekindle an old flame. Yeah I was excited to say the least. But I honestly felt like the execution wasn’t 100% there for me.

The main character immediately starts making bad decisions and kind of starts to seem desperate as the book progresses. I didn’t like that the story puts off the vibe that ‘you have to have a significant other to be happy in life, so just pick someone already.’ Also the MC is 31 but acts very impulsive and childish, which I am not a fan of at all.

The only other thing that bugged me about this book is the romance. I didn’t care for it very much. It seemed rushed and like she was willing to pick anyone just so she didn’t have to be alone. I actually would have preferred this book more if her journey would have led her to more self discovery and the realization that she doesn’t need a man to be happy. But sadly, that didn’t happen.

I have to remind myself that this was a very fast paced adult romance (which I liked) and it did have to rush a few points to get to the bigger picture. There was some character development at the end, so that helped as well. Again, this was nothing mind blowing, but it was original and quirky. Always give bonus points for originality!

I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a quick read or for something different from the normal romance novel. Just because I didn’t absolutely love it doesn’t me you won’t. If you found the synopsis intriguing, give it a shot! (Then let me know how you liked it.)

Thanks for checking out this review! I hope you’re reading tons of great books this month 🖤

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