March Challenge

I can’t believe March is already here! This is a very exciting month for me. Spring is finally arriving and I couldn’t be more excited for the cold weather to end! My 1-year blog anniversary is this month and I can’t believe I’ve already been doing this for a year! And finally I have a very special challenge for this month!

You will notice this post is not titled “March TBR” and that is because this challenge does not have a set TBR *Gasp* No tbr?? That’s right!

I have created 20 different prompts and placed them in a jar. I will randomly be choosing a prompt each time I need to pick up a new book or just about every other day. I am super excited for this challenge because it’s so different from anything I’ve done before. Some of the prompts will be easy, while some will be a bit more difficult. I think the not knowing which prompt will be next and getting to search for a new book each time will really make the reading experience different and fun!

I also want to make it as interactive as possible. I’m going to make a fresh post for each new prompt. So, if anyone is interested in doing these prompts with me this month you can find them here on the blog, or over on my bookstagram and twitter!

I hope you feel like joining me on this reading adventure and we can have a great time talking about books! Happy Reading 🖤

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