January Readathon: 25-in-Five

Hello fellow bookish people! If you saw my January TBR post, then you know I am planning to do a different readathon/challenge every month. My goal in doing these different challenges is to give myself something fun to aim for each month with my reading. I love games and challenges, so I think setting up something new each month will be a fun motivator for me to read more and enjoy doing it!

For January I decided to start with a 25-in-five readathon. A 25-in-five is where you have 5 full days to read a total of 25 hours. Which is actually a lot harder than it sounds! I planned my readathon to begin January 1st and end January 5th. I created a TBR sheet as well as a tracker.
Disclaimer: I am not an artist so these are not perfect!

I never expected to finish 6 books, but thought I might as well make the tbr overly ambitious just in case. I also correlated the color I used to write the name of the book on the tbr to fill in each hour circle on the tracker. As you can see there are only 10 hours filled in. That is because I failed this readathon tremendously.

I ended up finishing 3 books, but did not read a total of 25 hours before the 5 day period ended. I got extremely busy with showing houses and writing up contracts that I didn’t have a ton of time to read. (I did sell a house though so VERY excited about that at least!)

The best part about this is that I did have fun, which was the overall goal! I really enjoyed trying to get those bubble colored, and couldn’t wait to reach the hour mark just so I could get it filled in. Of course I would have loved completing this challenge, but i’m still happy with the progress I was able to make!

After doing this readathon, I am super excited to start February’s challenge! (Which I will be revealing soon.) It’s a bit more ambitious, but I am optimistic.

I hope your reading is going great so far this month and that you reach all of your reading goals!! Thanks for checking this post out and Happy Reading 🖤


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